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Welcome to

DeArmanville Elementary School Pre-K!

We are an OSR Pre-K Program. We are funded by the Office of School Readiness. We house two classroom units at DES.  Also, we are a play-based learning environment! We have a 70 minute free choice time each day. The children will be able to select where they will play, learning new social and academic skills while playing with their friends. When your children attend our Pre-K Program, they will be receiving a multitude of learning opportunities. We have two whole group lessons a day, each containing a read aloud. We also have weekly small group lessons for Math and Literacy Skills. The children have weekly science lessons, letter, number, and shape learning. Character building with social and emotional growth are both very important skills we learn more about in Pre-K. Each teacher is here for the students and their best possible learning experience, loving the kids each and every day.